Although some information may have been provided to us in advance it is essential for us to see the representative of the business in person and to check:

  • >The authority of the person who appears before me to act on behalf of your company or organisation
  • >Your company or organisation's ability to do what it is doing,
  • >Your company or organisation's willingness to do so.

You will therefore have to bring with you at least:

> A certificate of incorporation, certificate of good standing and/or other comparable evidence

This will be needed to establish that the company or organisation was formed and continues to exist. In the case of companies or organisations based in the United Kingdom, we will usually be able to conduct our own independent checks to satisfy us that this is the case. This will incur a small charge. We may also require that you produce additional documents

> The documents which prove the authority of the person who appears before us

This could be, for example, the signed minutes confirming a Board Resolution, Power of Attorney or the constitutional documents of the company e.g. memorandum and articles of association. They must be original documents.

> Evidence of the identity of the person who appears before us

This should be their passport, or if they have no passport a government issued document which bears their photograph, such as an EU photographic driving licence.

> Proof of residence of the person who appears before us

This is a document which confirms where they live, such as a recent utility bill or bank statement. If they have difficulty producing such original documents we will need to discuss with them what evidence of identity we need to see to satisfy us that they are the person they say they are.

> The Document(s) which require our seal and signature

Please do not sign or have them witnessed beforehand.


It is imperative that everything is done in our presence:

> Instructions

Any instructions which have been given by the lawyer who has prepared the document. These can include unusual requirements, for example, having to sign each page or even the colour of the ink.

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