How much will it cost to use a Notary Public?

Whenever possible, we offer a set fee for notarising documents. We also offer discount for repeat documents serviced at the same time and to repeat clients.

Notarial fees vary depending on a number of factors including the following:

  • >The type of transaction undertaken
  • >The complexity of the documents
  • >The number of persons appearing before the notary
  • >Whether the appointment is provided at short notice
  • >The time taken to prepare and complete the notarial act including binding/stitching
  • >Other relevant factors

An estimated cost can often be provided by phone if a detailed description of the transaction is given. Sometimes it is necessary for the notary to see the documents before an accurate fee estimate is offered.

Charges are not solely calculated by reference to the time taken to complete the work. The time taken includes: making the appointment, travelling or waiting time, meetings with you and others, considering, preparing and working on papers and correspondence including faxes and electronic mail (and the time needed to make the record). All letters and telephone calls will be charged on a time basis.

The work of a notary involves a high level of verification and authentication, for which a long and complex period of training is required.

It is not a simple attestation of a signature, and does not bear any similarity to the administration of oaths and declarations which can be carried out by a wide range of lawyers, and for which only a nominal fee is charged.

Please note that VAT is not chargeable on our notarial fees. In most cases we are happy to agree a fee in advance or at the very least provide an indication of the likely cost.

We reserve the right to charge you for any unusual expenses we incur including overseas postage, overseas telephone and fax costs, and our fees may be increased to reflect particular complexity, speed and special skills.

Fees may also be payable to third parties, for example fees payable to the Foreign Office, Foreign Embassies or agents dealing with legalisation of documents, Companies House search fees, translation fees, courier charges and other third-party costs which may be payable to check and authenticate information.

Our bill must be paid on presentation, and documents will not be released until it has been paid.

We reserve the right to request money to be paid to us in advance in relation to work where expenses charged by third parties are to be incurred on your behalf. We should receive payment in sufficient time to allow for bank clearance of funds.

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